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How do I contact 1st Source Servall?

Please feel free to contact us at our toll free number if you would like to discuss this further, 1-800-856-9874. 1st Source Servall does not want to be remembered in that way and we hope that you will give us another chance to make it right with you in the future.

What is the phone number for 1st source Customer Service?

1st Source values the safety and security of our clients’ accounts and information. Should you have any questions or continue to have an issue, please contact our Customer Service Center at (574) 235-2000 or (800) 513-2360. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Why can’t I enter forms on 1stsource?

For your own protection, the forms on have been disabled due to a security concern. If you continue to get this message, please do not enter any confidential information in our site and read the message above for further instructions.

How long have you been dealing with Servall?

I have dealt with Servall for 30 years, back when they had a parts depot in Detroit. I found a Maytag wringer washer in the alley and replaced the rollers from Servall.

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