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What is the use of family360?

Family360 synchronizes your family into a private circle, making it simple to plan and arrange stuff at the pace of life. Location Sharing gives family members a perspective on one another’s ongoing and continuous whereabouts. Be informed when your family goes in and out from your most frequented Places.

Why should I subscribe to Microsoft 365 family 3?

Subscribe to Microsoft 365 Family 3 to get premium features. We work to help protect your data and information, and we don’t sell or share your location or driving data with insurance companies. Get the most out of Microsoft Family Safety with premium features. Ready to try the Microsoft Family Safety app?

Why Life360 is the best family safety app?

Loved by 31 million members and counting. See why Life360 is the #1 family safety app with a 4.5 star rating on the App Store and on Google Play. I use Life360 because it lets me know when my family has left or gotten to school. It’s important I know when my sisters and mom get home safely.

Why am I logging in to the Life360 member dashboard?

NOTICE: You are logging in to the Life360 Private Network Member Dashboard, where you can manage account and review identity protection and financial monitoring alerts. Life360 takes security and privacy very seriously. Unauthorized use of the Member Dashboard is prohibited and subject to criminal and civil penalties.

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