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Does AAA offer classroom or online driving courses?

You could save on your auto insurance by taking our online defensive driving course. The nationally-recognized AAA Defensive Driving Course is designed to provide the latest safety information and tips regarding traffic laws and basic rules of the road. The six-hour course can be taken in a classroom with a certified instructor or online.

What is the best defensive driving course?

The 7 Best Online Defensive Driving Courses In Texas For 2021

  1. Aceable. Aceable is without a doubt the best online defensive driving course in Texas for 2021. …
  2. iDriveSafely. iDriveSafely has been around for years and has consistently received positive reviews from its users.
  3. Approved Course. …
  4. Go To Traffic School. …
  5. Improv Traffic School. …
  6. Get Defensive. …
  7. A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving Course. …

What is the best online driving course?

So, without further delay, here are my top 7 choices for the best online drivers ed courses. #1: No doubt, is one of the best online drivers ed courses courses to sign up for if you plan to take drivers ed online.

When should one take a defensive driving course?

Usually, the only reason why you want to take this defensive driving course is that you want to get a ticket dismissed, take off some points on your driving records, or lower your car insurance by a little. Did you know that it can increase your rate by $45 on average and up to $80 or more and month?

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