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How do I apply for a AAA scholarship?

Unless otherwise noted, AAA awards scholarships based on a sliding scale. Check your state page for eligibility requirements. This scholarship is available to Arizona residents (also known as Lexie’s Law). Students must have a current or expired MET report or IEP; or an expired 504 plan from an Arizona Public School.

How does the AAA Scholarship Foundation make academic achievement accessible?

AAA Scholarship Foundation works with schools in each of our scholarship states to make Academic Achievement Accessible. We can not do that without excellent schools for families to choose from. Each state has individual guidelines determined by the laws of that state and the accountability guidelines of the AAA Scholarship Foundation.

How do I prove I Am AAA eligible in Florida?

In order to prove their eligibility, households must complete AAA’s application and provide supporting documentation by the stated deadline. The households must meet both the state and AAA’s requirements (see Florida chart below). Each household member is required to provide proof of income.

What is the deadline for submitting my application for an AAS scholarship?

*By law, there is no application submission deadline for members of the United States Armed Forces but this does not mean that funding for eligible students is guaranteed. Still have questions? Email

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