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What is the ABA English premium plan?

ABA English Premium offers you the most comprehensive experience around for theory and practice exercises. With this plan, you can go up a level in just 3 months. Video-based learning for an immersive experience, including exercises, group unit review classes and certificates for each level.

Is the ABA English course free to take?

That’s right. The units of the ABA English course have been designed to give you practical learning in each session. Start now for free and gain access to… The first full unit of each level: the course is organised into 6 levels, from Beginner (A1) to Business (C1).

What is the ABA English app?

The ABA English app is the two-time winnerof the Educational App Awardat the REIMAGINE EDUCATION AWARDS (2015 and 2018). It also has excellent ratingsfrom users on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store

How long does it take to complete ABA English first level?

Our most popular plan is quarterly as it is ideal for achieving your first level certificate in just three months. Why should I invest in an ABA English Premium subscription? All ABA English content can only be accessed with a Premium account.

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