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Why choose ABS classification services?

For more than 150 years, ABS classification services have been at the forefront of maritime safety. Today the ABS Rules and Guides incorporate knowledge gathered through our century and a half of operation, as well as the most advanced technological research. What is Classification?

What software is available at ABS University?

This includes Microsoft 365 accounts for all ABS staff and students, which has Outlook Email, Calendar, OneNote, Class Notebook, and other applications needed for University such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Learn More Virtual Tour We are pleased to invite you to take a virtual tour of our ABS campus.

What is the ABS myfreedom client portal?

Quick Start Guides The ABS MyFreedom™ Client Portal is your suite of fleet management and vessel compliance services powered by smart functionality and advanced analytics. Designed to anticipate your needs with intuitive and informed decision support, MyFreedom helps you to be totally prepared before you pull into port.

How can I tour the ABS campus?

The tour is made possible using Google Street View who partnered with ABS as one of the first schools in the country to offer this exciting feature. Here, you can explore our campus and classrooms at your own leisure. Enjoy your visit! Learn More STEM Education ABS is proud to be a STEM Education school.

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