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A wise man once told me that someone who really understands a problem can explain it to you in one sentence and make you fully understand. Whether in life or online, such friends and websites are not to be missed, otherwise you will regret it very much.
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What is addguru?

AddGuru assures to provide a powerful platform & best environment to act and achieve big. The objective of addguru is to build a the advanced & fully feature loaded digital platform allowing the advertisers to simply promote their brand image and achieve success in their field. How does Addguru works?

How to earn money from addguru by watching ads?

Further, when you watch ads on your Addguru account, Addguru earns money from Google Adsense. Later, the company distributes the earnings among all the users. Initially, you can join this plan by investing Rs.2000/-. Further, you can earn 35/- per day for 365 days, by just clicking/ viewing 10 ads per day.

Why should my team use guru?

Now, your team has accurate, up-to-date information wherever, whenever, and however they work best. From the first day to every day, teams use Guru to save time, stay connected, and always know they’re in the know. "No matter who is awake in a particular timezone, everyone has access to what they need to successfully do their jobs."

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