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What is the adopt a family program?

The Adopt A Family program has been here in our community since 1993, connecting those who can help with those who need help. This Volunteers of America program is an opportunity for individuals, teams, companies and organizations to reach out and lift up those in need, either through direct adoption or financial contribution.

What can you do to help adopt a family?

Support military and veteran families through Soldiers’ Angels Adopt-A-Family. Provide gifts for the children and a grocery gift card for the family to put towards their holiday meal.

What is the adopt-a-family team?

The Soldiers’ Angels Adopt-A-Family Team is the only virtual team that solely operates during the holiday season. If you join this team, either as a business or an individual, you will be expected to provide (at minimum) the following to every family you adopt:

How do I use adopt a family roonga?

This easy-to-use system is designed to make your participation in the Adopt A Family program easier, and more personalized, than ever before. Click the button below to access Roonga – then simply scroll through families available for adoption and select the family based on the size and details you would like to adopt.

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