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What is adpaas in the Army?

OVERVIEW. The Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (ADPAAS) is the Army’s way of accounting for personnel and families members after catastrophes. It is a web-based, user-friendly system that enables the Army to collect accurate and timely reports in times of emergency.

How do I access the adpaas support server?

If you are already established as an ADPAAS COR, access is granted to the COR site using your CAC-card. to have in order to access the ADPAAS Support server? A: This is an unclassified application, but you have to be entered on ADPAAS as a COR and have CAC-reader on your computer. Q: If communications or power are down, how do I use ADPAAS?

What is adpaas Cor training?

This reoccurring annual training event is a time to address all ADPAAS concerns and to discuss new ideas. Completion of the training will result in ADPAAS COR course certification and commander’s appointment to assume ADPAAS COR duties. Class schedules can be found on the ADPAAS COR site.

What is the adpaas Army family member CBT?

The ADPAAS Army Family Member (AFM) Computer Based Training (CBT) is now available to train Army Family Members in the use of ADPAAS to self assess in the time of natural or man-made disaster. This AFM CBT can be launched from the ADPAAS website.

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