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http aerohive console login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How do I set up an Aerohive account?

The only field you don’t have to fill out is the one that relates to sending a copy of the registration to a partner or Aerohive representative. Once you click on “REGISTER”, you will receive an e-mail within a few minutes. Within that e-mail, there will be a link to set a password for the account you created.

What is the Aerohive solution?

The Aerohive solution allows you to pick and choose which users need to be tunneled over the network to a particular location. Notice that it is particular users and not an entire SSID. The flexibility of the Aerohive solution allows to you be very granular with which traffic is tunneled and which traffic is switched locally.

How does an Aerohive AP “phone home”?

Once you plug an Aerohive AP into your network, the AP is going to “phone home”. It can utilize a number of mechanisms to find where it needs to go in the same way that a controller based AP will. The typical method is going to be DNS.

How do I update my Aerohive devices?

Next, click on the “Update Devices” button at the top right of the screen. This new window that opens up gives you some options regarding pushing the configuration, updating the firmware on the device (Aerohive APs run HiveOS), or even scheduling when that updated configuration or firmware gets applied to the AP.

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