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How do I contact Aetna?

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please use one of the methods below.

  • Chat online and get answers
  • Schedule an online appointment for personalized support
  • Attend live webinars
  • Use self-service tools for round-the-clock help
  • Answer questions about benefits coverage
  • Find network providers
  • With ID card requests and claim inquiries
  • Health information – To learn about various diseases and conditions

Is Aetna a good health insurance to get?

The ability to put money away into a Health Savings Account to help meet your insurance deductible or other healthcare-related benefits is an excellent benefit provided by Aetna. Even if you often travel in different areas of the nation, with the large provider network of Aetna, healthcare is never far away.

Does Aetna have life insurance?

The answer is yes they do! The company provides a specialized product called final expense whole life insurance. Aetna is not the actual entity that supplies the coverage, however. The actual supplier of this whole life insurance policy is American Continental Insurance Company (ACI).

Is Aetna Better Than Blue Cross?

We compared the two and found that Aetna is a better option if you qualify for Medicare, and Blue Cross is a better option if you’re shopping for a private individual or family plan. Additionally, Blue Cross has a slightly larger network than Aetna, which might be an advantage for some individuals.

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