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How to join AFROTC?

How to Join. If you Meet the Eligibility Requirements and are Interested in Joining AFROTC Det 280, Begin the Application Process. 1. Enroll as a full-time student at the University of Kansas or one of Det 280’s crosstown affiliates. Full-time student status is at least 12 credits per semester. 2.

How to get an AFROTC scholarship?

You Will Agree To:

  • Continue to pursue the academic major for which the scholarship is offered.
  • Enroll in or continue participation in Air Force ROTC.
  • Complete a 13-day summer field training course at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, between your sophomore and junior year.

Can I get an AFROTC scholarship?

Yes, students can participate in Air Force ROTC without a scholarship. We also have some scholarships that students can compete for after joining the program. Please contact the detachment staff at the school you are attending to discuss AFROTC in-college scholarship opportunities.

Is getting an AFROTC scholarship hard?

Yes, a lot goes into obtaining an AFROTC scholarship. Although, additionally there are other types of scholarships as well.

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