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http aiken electric coop login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

Why join Aiken Electric Co-op?

Discover the value of co-op membership! The mission of Aiken Electric Cooperative, Inc. is to empower communities by providing reliable, competitively priced energy and other services desired by our membership.

How do I pay for my Aiken co-op membership?

Require prepaid debit cards as the ONLY method of payment (AEC authorized payment options can be found at Charge additional fees to process payments (We recommend members make payments with AEC authorized payment options)

How do I get a letter of credit from Aiken Electric?

Irrevocable Letter of Credit – This Letter of Credit should be issued from your bank ensuring payment to Aiken Electric Cooperative. Certificate of Deposit – This Certificate of Deposit should be issued in a joint account named to the consumer and Aiken Electric Cooperative, and should equal to the cash deposit amount.

How does Aiken Electric draft bank work?

Aiken Electric’s Draft Bank automatically drafts your checking account each month for the amount of your electric bill. You’ll still get a monthly statement showing how much electricity you used and how much it costs. Application Form.

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