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How does online check-in work on Air Dolomiti?

Online check-in is possible for all flights operated by Air Dolomiti. Passengers can choose seats and print boarding passes online or receive them on their mobile phones: all this from the comfort of their own homes, offices or even while traveling, for themselves and accompanying persons.

What additional services can I add to my Air Dolomiti ticket?

Extra services can be added only on flights operated by Air Dolomiti. Ancillary services such as additional hold luggage, special luggage, pet transport, seat reservation and others are not refundable.

Can I get a refund for an upgrade on Air Dolomiti?

If you receive an upgrade from Air Dolomiti for operational reasons or as a gesture of goodwill, paid-for seat reservations cannot be refunded. You can change or cancel your airline ticket with an existing seat reservation contacting Air Dolomiti Sales Center.

How early can I reserve seats on Air Dolomiti?

Air Dolomiti passengers can choose and reserve seats in advance up to 52 hours before departure. The advance seat reservation can be done only if the flight booking is confirmed (no waiting list bookings).

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