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http air force vmpf login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How do I access vmpf?

Academic Specialty

  • The Education Level is the current amount of education earned. …
  • The Year is when the education level was earned.
  • The Academic Specialty is a four digit alphanumeric code: o The first character represents the General Area of Study; in the example above 8 represents Physical Sciences. …

How to access virtual MPF?

Instead of trying to get to vMPF through myPers, do the following:

  • Google (does anyone use a different search engine?) for vMPF
  • The first link that comes up should be AFPCSecure 4.0 – Check Portal
  • Go to the link above, click vMPF, and go about your merry day hoping the AF fixes its broken websites some day (P.S. …

How do you get enlisted surf on vmpf?

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders
  • Assignment or Appointment Orders
  • AF Forms 910/911 or AF Forms 707A/707B (EPR/OPR)
  • AF Form 1098, Special Task Certification and Recurring Training
  • AF Form 2095/AF Form 2096, Classification/On-the Job Training Action
  • Special Orders (P-Series)
  • General Orders (for organizational changes)

What is Air Force Financial Management?

It’s the job of the Air Force Financial Management and Comptroller specialist (6F0X1) to manage accounting systems and records. This role is tasked with processing payments for dispersal, determining the amount of available funds, performing financial audits and various other financial duties.

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