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How do I Check my Air Miles points?

  • American Express Platinum (Personal or Business) – MY CURRENT CARD
  • American Express Gold (Personal or Business) – MY FIRST AMEX
  • British Airways American Express Credit Premium Plus Card (3 options) – MY 2ND MOST RECENT CARD
  • Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Mastercard Credit Card

How do you calculate an air mile?

Distance Calculator Updates

  • We just fixed the distance calculation between two points in lat long format (lat,long). …
  • We’ve updated our maps to openstreetmap on our home page of distance calculator . …
  • We just moved to https protocol. …
  • Now we are using Vincenty’s formula for more accurate results in our distance between cities pages. …

How many air mile points do you have?

To check your air miles, visit the website of the airline and log into your online account. If you don’t have an online account, most airlines allow you to register for one for free by providing your email address. Your online account lists how many miles you currently have and provides an expiration date for those miles, if applicable.

How do you calculate airline miles?

How do you calculate air miles? top Divide the number of feet in your land miles by 6,076 to calculate the distance in air miles. For example, 52,800 feet divided by 6,076 feet equals 8.7 air miles. Rather than converting the measurement to feet, take a shortcut.

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