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How to register with Airtel?

Register with AIRTEL DLT Select your area of Operation. As Enterprise. more info . As Telemarketer. more info . Cancel Next. Already have an account ? Login Here.

How to get Airtel Internet settings?

  • Go to Airtel’s official website and navigate to mobile internet setting page
  • Enter your phone number
  • The settings will be sent to your Airtel phone through SMS
  • Save these options as your defaults.

How to get loan from Airtel?

– Talktime & Internet Data loan Number & Code

  • To avail a loan of ₹ 10 in Airtel SIM, dial * 141 * 10 # number.
  • To avail a loan of ₹ 20 in Airtel SIM, dial * 150 * 20 # .
  • And if you want to take a loan of ₹ 10, ₹ 20, ₹ 30 or ₹ 50 . So you can press * 141 # . …
  • Maximum loan can be taken up to ₹ 50 .
  • You can also take loan by calling 52141 number. Follow the procedure mentioned in it during the call. …

How to check Airtel postpaid bill online?

With Pockets, you can now quickly pay your Airtel Postpaid bill online. You can access pockets by logging in. To pay bills, select Pay Bills. Please enter the details of the biller’s biller. Indicate either a digital wallet or savings account as your debit account so that both will appear in your account history.

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