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How to transfer money from Airtel Money to bank account?

To deposit money in your Airtel Money wallet:

  • visit a bank that offers Airtel Money agency services. If you want to deposit KSh 3000 for example, hand it to them, give them your details (name, ID, phone number) …
  • visit an Airtel agent shop in your area. …
  • send money to your Airtel Money account from your Safaricom M-PESA, Equitel line or bank account.

How to register for Airtel Money Service?

  • If the name mismatch is minor, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the user who has registered the same with Aadhaar
  • The OTP can thus be used for the verification purpose in case of a name mismatch
  • However, it is a must for taxpayers to make sure that the date of birth and gender details are the same

Is Airtel better than Aircel?

  • this network is not the best among others (Jio, vodafone)
  • this is not the best internet speed (not at all at some speed) among Jio, vodafone, since I have tried and used for long time by now.
  • 4G network especially

How do I Check my Airtel account balance online?

  • By downloading and logging into the MyAirtel app. …
  • By visiting the Airtel Self-care help page. …
  • Dial *123# to check the validity and calling balance of your Airtel number
  • Dial *121# and further enter 5 to check Airtel 3g/4g net balance

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