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What is the Airties 4920?

Air4920 is a 3×3 802.11ac and 2×2 802.11n dual band concurrent AP supporting advanced AirTies technologies. It provides ultra-reliability, unprecedented high speed for real-time video and data transmission in the home.

How do I connect my Airties 4920 to my router?

Setting up the AirTies Air 4920 or 4930 as an access point Connect to power and use the Ethernet cable supplied to connect the access point directly to the router or to a network port on the wall. Turn the access point on, and wait for both light signals to be green. Likewise, how do I reset my AirTies?

What is the Airties 4971 Wi-Fi range?

Our newest extender, the AirTies 4971, uses the latest standards in 802.11ax technology, also known as Wi-Fi 6. It operates in both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz ranges. This helps improve performance and extend coverage in your home. Your Wi-Fi gateway and the Smart Wi-Fi Extenders use the same network info.

How can I obtain the source code of an Airties device?

To obtain a copy of said source code, please send your request in writing via email to or via snail mail to: AirTies Wireless Communications Gulbahar Mah. Avni Dilligil Sok. No:5 Celik Is Merkezi, Mecidiyeköy, 34394 ISTANBUL/Turkey AirTies will mail to you a CD with the requested source code for $9,99 plus the cost of shipping.

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