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http airwatch console login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How to install AirWatch launcher?

Install and Configure AirWatch agent

  • Search for AirWatch agent in the app store on your device and download it. Click here for link to Google Play.
  • Open the AirWatch Agent app and select Email Address as the authentication method.
  • You will be redirected to VMware Corporate Single Sign On page .
  • If your authentication is successful, the agent/browser will walk you through the steps. …

How to get AirWatch certified?

  • Integrate PowerShell with AirWatch
  • Setting up a PowerShell Admin User
  • Enable Powershell Integration in AirWatch
  • Configure Exchange to Block or Quarantine Devices
  • Email Management
  • Cmdlets Executed by AirWatch

How to use AirWatch?

macOS Enrollment

  • Download the AirWatch Agent. In this exercise, you will enroll using the AirWatch Agent to begin the staging process.
  • Install the AirWatch Agent. In these steps you’ll install the AirWatch Agent on the macOS device so that you can later begin the Enrollment process.
  • Enroll the macOS Device. …
  • Enable Location Services. …
  • Validate Mac Enrollment. …
  • Key Takeaways. …

How to install apps on AirWatch?

  • Select App Catalog from the home screen of the iOS device.
  • Tap on Activate/KDS to install.
  • Tap on ‘Install’ when prompted.

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