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What is the current unemployment rate in Alabama?

State remains below national rate, wages hit new record high. MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey and Alabama Department of Labor Secretary Fitzgerald Washington announced today that Alabama’s preliminary, seasonally adjusted July 2021 unemployment rate is 3.2%, down from June’s rate of 3.3%, and well below July 2020’s rate of 7.4%.

How do I file for Alabama unemployment?

  • During the first week of unemployment, Iowans would have to accept an offer at 100% of previous pay.
  • In weeks two and three, 90% of previous pay.
  • In weeks four and five, 80% of previous pay.
  • In weeks, six, seven and eight, 70% of previous pay.
  • After week eight, 60% of previous pay.

How to file an Alabama unemployment claim?

  • You must have earned at least a bare minimum in wages prior to becoming unemployed in order to qualify.
  • According to Alabama law, you must be unemployed as a result of circumstances beyond your control.
  • The ability and availability to work, as well as a desire to find work, are required qualifications.

How to file unemployment in Alabama?

Apply for Unemployment Benefits If you have not already done so, file an unemployment insurance claim application here: https:// Read to the bottom of the page and click “Proceed.” ADOL will determine if you are eligible for a state unemployment claim. Visit your UI Claim Tracker

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