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How do I sign up for Alcoa job alerts?

Signing up for Alcoa job alerts is easy. Just click the link below, press the “Sign In” button in the top right corner and follow the prompts. At Alcoa, you can quickly make your mark, impact your world and grow your career in locations around the world.

Why work at Alcoa?

Alcoa’s career paths are founded on a legacy of forging the innovations of the future. For more than a century, Alcoans have been innovating. From launching the modern-day aluminum industry to our current work to transform the industry for a more sustainable future, there’s a world of opportunity at Alcoa.

How do I use alcoadirect?

AlcoaDirect is your online link to transact with Alcoa by securely submitting and tracking orders, SPRs, invoices and payments. If you are not a customer or supplier of alumina, aluminum or bauxite, please click here to login to

How many times has Alcoa been employer of choice?

Alcoa received its 19th consecutive Employer of Choice citation in 2021. As part of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, we have also submitted our 2020-2021 public report .

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