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What is Belterra Casino?

Belterra Casino is your gaming destination. Fun themes and big jackpots. You’ll find more than 700 of the most fun and exciting slot machines. It’s not just a fantasy.

What is Belterra?

Belterra is a true resort experience offering non-stop gambling action, thrilling entertainment, incredible food, unique shopping, comfortable accommodations, an indulgent spa, and world-class golf. And best of all, it’s all in one place. So escape from the ordinary and into the best that life has to offer.

Is Belterra open 24 hours?

Open for 24 Hour Gaming, Every Day! Belterra is Indiana’s premier gambling boat casino with two floors of the newest and most exciting slot machines and table games. Plus with exciting new side bets, you can see why people from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington choose Belterra every time.

Is Belterra deluxe worth it?

We just spent the weekend at Belterra for the second time. The rooms are clean with typical hotel furnishings in the standard rooms, but the deluxe rooms have fantastic bathrooms and the rooms are much larger. It is well worth the upgrade.

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