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Is there support for Bentley software?

Support for Your Bentley Software At Bentley, we are committed to providing you with the support you need to master your use of Bentley software. If you manage Bentley software licenses for your organization, you will find key information below on managing licenses, the Bentley Support Policy, and other license administration resources.

Where can I find solutions to my questions about Bentley?

Find solutions to your questions in our extensive knowledge base in Bentley Communities. Post your question and get answers from Bentley experts and community users. Still need help? Submit a service request to Bentley Technical Support.

How do I get Started as a Bentley student?

Choose from live virtual classrooms or on-demand courses. Connect with peers and Bentley instructors at an user success program. Get involved in a local user group or ask questions in forums on Bentley Communities. You can choose from multiple options that help you connect with industry experts.

What is a Bentley education program?

Bentley Education is the place to be to discover your future career. Students and educators get free access to Bentley’s software used by companies around the world to create amazing infrastructure projects that change the world. Improve your skills, talk to experts, get accredited, and get to work hands-on on real-world projects.

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