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Where to buy Black Books?

“I’ve found companies through past market events that I still buy from today.” The event also showcases Black artists, musicians and authors. Houston author T.L Johnson sells his series of children’s books at the markets. The protagonists of his …

Where to watch Black Books?

The University of Utah Marriott Library and Black Cultural Center hosted the digital event "Books vs. Movies" recently to illustrate different recommendations for Black History Month. (Walt Disney and Pixar Studios) SALT LAKE CITY — Have you ever considered watching Men in Black or The Princess and the Frog for Black History Month?

What is the best black magic book?

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Where is Black Book?

  • Nearly 40 states introduced bills or actions that restrict classroom discussions of race since last January.
  • Teachers have left or been fired from their positions over book bans and anti-critical race theory laws.
  • Even amid these limitations, many educators are determined to teach Black History Month.

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