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A wise man once told me that someone who really understands a problem can explain it to you in one sentence and make you fully understand. Whether in life or online, such friends and websites are not to be missed, otherwise you will regret it very much.
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What is envy TV about?

As the subject suggests Envy TV specialized in the streaming niche in the MLM space. After looking at their website I have found they provided an address but it is virtual. They supposedly are located out of Nevada, USA. Clay Sampson and Eddie Freedom are the founders of Elite TV. That’s about all the information they give on that.

Does envy TV have a compensation plan?

Yes Envy TV has a unilevel compensation plan you can earn on. Once you have both of these things accomplished you will earn $2 residual commission on every downline member in the unilevel. Envy TV has a bonus volume up to 50% on the members who pay $49.95 per month.

How much does it cost to become an envy TV affiliate?

To receive commissions an Envy TV member would need to do one of the following: The Senior Affiliate Package cost $997 which can be purchased after an active affiliate has six sponsored active affiliates. An active affiliate means someone is paying $49.95 per month for the service.

Is envy TV a Ponzi scheme?

You’d probably be safer joining a crypto ROI which is about as safe as walking on thin ice in the Spring time. Envy TV is not a Ponzi but it’s chances of survival are about just as good. I give Envy TV a 0/5 and personally would spend my energy elsewhere.

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