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What are failed login attempts?

As the term indicates, failed login attempts happen when someone tries to log in to your WordPress site using the wrong credentials. It can be either right usernames, wrong passwords or wrong both usernames and passwords. There are a few reasons that prompt failed login attempts.

How do I audit for failed logon attempts?

A robust audit mechanism is in place to alert administrators when a series of failed logons occur in the environment. For example, the auditing solution should monitor for security event 539, which is a logon failure; this event identifies that there was a lock on the account at the time of the logon attempt.

Are too many failed login attempts harmful to your site security?

Occasional failed login attempts can’t bother site security. However, when it comes to too many failed login entries in the same timeframe, you should be on the alert for a site hack. There is a high chance that automated bots are trying to break into your site.

How to increase the wait time between login attempts?

One method that I’ve heard of it (but not implemented), was to increase the wait time between each login, and double it. So after the first failed attempt, make the user wait 1 second, then after that 2 seconds, then 4 seconds, and so on.

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