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http failed login attempts office 365 com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How to logon to Office 365?

Things to know about logging in or out of Office 365

  • Anyone who uses Office 365 on a device (such as a laptop or phone), will need to have an account associated with Microsoft 365.
  • For each device that has the Office app installed on it, the person using it will be promoted to sign in the first time after installation.
  • Office 365 is activated while signed in. …

How to deactivate Your Office 365 installation?

  • From any device, go to and sign in using your work or school account, if prompted.
  • From the Office apps & devices tile, select View apps and devices.
  • Under Apps & devices, select the down arrow next to DEVICES to view the devices where Office is installed.
  • Select Sign out next to the device. …

Can Office 365 replace a network?

Office client caching and offline access features can dramatically reduce the impact of network congestion and latency. If your Microsoft 365 tenant has been configured with the Audio Conferencing feature, Teams users can join meetings via the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Is it possible to see the login history on Office 365?

You can use ’Search-UnifiedAuditLog’ powershell cmdlet to get users login history or you can use pre-built scripts like Export Office 365 Users’ Login History Report. This script supports more advanced filtering options like login history for specific users, specific time period, successful login attempts alone, failed login attempts alone, etc.

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