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What is HDFC ergo Sarv Suraksha plan?

HDFC Sarv Suraksha Plan can be a one-stop solution for all your problems related to Health, Vehicles, Loss of Job, Loans, etc. But what are those benefits that can make you choose this plan from HDFC ERGO without any second thought? Well, we are showing some of the key features of the HDFC ERGO Sarv Suraksha Plan. Have a look!

What is Sarv Suraksha insurance policy?

WHAT IS SARV SURAKSHA INSURANCE POLICY? Sarv Suraksha is a comprehensive insurance policy specially designed for customers availing a loan with an objective to provide financial security to the loan borrower and his family incase of an unfortunate event. The policy provides insurance cover maximum up to the loan amount.

Why do I need to renew my HDFC ergo health Suraksha policy?

You must renew your HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha policy to take advantage of the cumulative bonus and continue the benefits you receive for any pre-existing illness from your previous policy with us. The following are the exclusions on the policy that you should note.

What is the difference between the different coverages under my Suraksha plan?

Although there is very little difference in the coverages of these plans,the main difference is the Sum Insured options available under each of these plans.SI options under-Silver Smart-3,4&5 Lacs-Gold Smart-7.5,10&15 Lacs-Platinum Smart-20,25,50&75 Lacs. 2.What is the geographical jurisdiction to avail medical treatment under my:health Suraksha?

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