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How do I manage the Icinga configuration?

The Icinga configuration can be easily managed with either the Icinga Director , config management tools or plain text within the Icinga DSL. Before looking into web based configuration or any sort of automation, we recommend to start with the configuration files and fully understand the possibilities of the Icinga DSL (Domain Specific Language).

How does Icinga Web 2 authenticate a user?

Then Icinga Web 2 asks that backend to authenticate the user with the sAMAccountName “jdoe”. When the user “” logs in, Icinga Web 2 walks through all configured authentication backends until it finds one which is responsible for that user – e.g. a MySQL backend (SQL database backends aren’t domain-aware).

Is it possible to reset the root password of Icinga Web?

Thank you in advance. Show activity on this post. Depends how you’ve installed Icinga Web 1.x in the first place. The sources contain a make parameter to safely reset the root user’s password. If you are using Debian packages, you can reconfigure the package:

Does Icinga support C/C++ comments?

Icinga 2 supports C/C++-style comments. /* * The constants.conf defines global constants. / include “constants.conf” The include directive can be used to include other files. /** * The zones.conf defines zones for a cluster setup.

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