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http icingaweb2 default login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How do I set up icingaweb2?

Add the system group icingaweb2 in the first place. Add your web server’s user to the system group icingaweb2 and restart the web server: Use icingacli to create the configuration directory which defaults to /etc/icingaweb2: When using the web setup you are required to authenticate using a token.

Is there a way to specify default credential for icingaweb2 web interface?

However the credential of icinga-web is not impacted by environment variables. Looks like those password are the users of mysql, is there any way to specify the default credential for icingaweb2 web interface when starting container? Thanks. There is no way currently to specify the passwords for the web interface.

How do I generate a password in Icinga Web?

Example on RHEL/CentOS: Reload Apache and open the FQDN in your web browser. Icinga Web 2 v2.5+ uses the native password hash algorithm provided by PHP 5.6+. In order to generate a password, run the following command with the PHP CLI >= 5.6: Please note that the hashed output changes each time. This is expected.

What are the dependencies of Icinga Web 2?

Install PHP dependencies: php, php-intl, php-imagick, php-gd, php-mysql, php-curl, php-mbstring used by Icinga Web 2. Create a database for Icinga Web 2, i.e. icingaweb2.

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