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http icix salesforce login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

What is icix in Salesforce?

SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTION BUILT ON SALESFORCE ICIX provides a value chain network – native on Salesforce – that enables collaboration and information sharing between Salesforce instances. ICIX automates workflow via a hub and spoke model to route and manage data requests, document exchange & updates, and approvals.

Can I do new business on the new icix platform?

No new business can be conducted on this platform. We look forward to continued success with our customers and trading partners on our new platform. Thank you. The ICIX Team Chat Live Now! U.S. Email:

Is icix now Riskonnect?

ICIX is now Riskonnect! #Riskonnect is a digital supply chain platform for enterprise ESG Governance powered by Salesforce. Automate ESG management across your business and supply chain with Riskonnect.

What happened to icix classic platform?

Our mission has not changed since then. In 2016, we began the process of migrating our ICIX Classic Platform functionality to a new, advanced platform Powered by Salesforce. Our customers have now moved their business processes to our new platform.

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