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How do I contact iclasspro support?

To start a chat with us, click the blue support button in the bottom right of your screen. Do you want to increase your knowledge and discover more about the applications offered by iClassPro? If so, search our Knowledgebase to find all the answers you need!

What is iclasspro Staff Portal APP?

iClassPro Staff Portal App makes it easy for employees to record their time from anywhere on an iPad or iPhone. Take attendance from anywhere on a mobile or tablet device with Attendance on the Staff Portal App. Coaches and teachers can now see their classes at a glance with Birds Eye View.

What can iclasspro do for You?

Our cloud-based software is designed to take the hassle out of operating a class-based business while providing state of the art customer support. While tailored for dance, cheer, gymnastics, and swim, iClassPro serves a variety of clientele. With iClassPro, you can manage your communication, class scheduling, billing,…

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