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http iclasspro parent portal login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

What is iclasspro Staff Portal APP?

iClassPro Staff Portal App makes it easy for employees to record their time from anywhere on an iPad or iPhone. Take attendance from anywhere on a mobile or tablet device with Attendance on the Staff Portal App. Coaches and teachers can now see their classes at a glance with Birds Eye View.

What can parents see on the iclasspro app dashboard?

With the iClassPro App Dashboard, parents can see when payments are due, announcements wishing their student a happy birthday, and view news articles posted by your school. Want to stand out from the crowd? Check out our Branded App! With your branded app, you will… Learn More! Ready to get started?

What can iclasspro do for your school?

With the iClassPro App, your customers will love the convenience of being able to quickly find and enroll in classes and camps! Keep customers in the know by sending them push notifications so that they never miss an announcement from your school! Parents can say goodbye to racking their brain about missed class dates!

Where is the iclasspro office located?

iClassPro, Inc 1249 L.L. Mackey Parkway Longview, TX 75605. US/CAN 903.353.9329 AUS 08 7111 3335 UK 800 802 1434 INT’L 903.353.9329 * All support subject to U.S. business hours

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