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http iclicker cloud student login com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How can I use iClicker cloud for students?

Or, use the extended short answer question and allow students to respond with up to 140 characters. iClicker Cloud captures every question you ask in class for students to review as a study guide on their mobile devices or laptops. With no extra work by you, students leave class with a study guide. And it works with iClicker remotes too!

What is iClicker and how does it work?

We’re the market-leading student engagement system, used by thousands of instructors and institutions around the world. Ready to get started? Creating an instructor account is free and takes less than 2 minutes. iClicker is part of a suite of Macmillan Learning digital products developed to engage your students before, during, and after class.

What is iClicker Cloud (formerly reef instructor)?

Engage your students in new ways with iClicker Cloud (formerly Reef Instructor). Track attendance using GPS technology, ask target (heat map) questions, administer quizzes, and analyze student performance using a web browser.

How do I participate in an iClicker class?

iClicker offers three easy ways to participate: mobile, web, or iClicker remote. Please consult with your instructor if you are unsure which solution is required for your class.

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