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What is iClicker?

iClicker’s innovative solutions make it easy to track attendance, increase participation, facilitate quizzes, measure performance, and get more out of your classroom. Why Choose iClicker?

How does iClicker cloud work with GPS?

iClicker Cloud uses GPS technology to confirm students’ locations when they “check-in” to class. Simply set the location and time of your class and let iClicker Cloud do the rest. Students are reminded to check in when class starts.

How do I participate in an iClicker class?

iClicker offers three easy ways to participate: mobile, web, or iClicker remote. Please consult with your instructor if you are unsure which solution is required for your class.

Are You planning to discontinue the iClicker student app?

The iClicker student app allows students to participate using mobile devices (both Android and Apple) and laptops/PCs. Q: Are you planning to discontinue the iClicker remotes? A: No. We have no plans to discontinue the iClicker remotes. Students can choose to participate with iClicker remotes, mobile devices or laptops.

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