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How to fix iCloud problems?

When that’s the case, try these tips to fix it:

  • Keep pressing the . button Sleep / wake , then swipe to turn off your device. …
  • Try streaming a video over the web to test your Wi-Fi connection. …
  • Go to Settings -> [your name] on each device and make sure you’re using the exact same Apple ID account. …
  • Go to Settings -> [your name] -> iCloud Turn on each of the options you want to sync.

How do I access my iCloud?


  • Sign in to
  • Open iCloud Drive.
  • Find and select the file.
  • Click Download at the top of the page or double-click the file. The document downloads to your default downloads location.
  • After making changes to the file, upload the saved copy back to iCloud Drive on a computer.

Why is my iCloud not working?

There are a number of things that can cause iCloud photo sharing stop working:

  • Shared Albums or iCloud Photo Sharing is not enabled on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Your iPhone won’t be able to upload or share photos with iCloud if it is connected to a poor Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • You may have mistakenly created a private photo album instead of a shared one.

Why is iCloud not connecting?

Reset Networking Settings

  • Open the Settings app and tap General > Reset.
  • Tap Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter your password and tap Reset Network Settings again to conform reset.

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