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Which is better Dropbox or iCloud?

iCloud’s offerings include things that Dropbox does not. However Dropbox does a better job with file storage and sharing/collaborating. Which is better between iCloud and Dropbox is very relative. For example, if you are someone who uses a lot of iCloud’s features such as iCloud Photo Library, iCloud Backup for your iPhone/iPad, contacts, calendars, bookmark syncing, keychain, and Mail — then there’s only file storage that overlaps with Dropbox.

Do I need both iCloud and Dropbox?

You don’t need iCloud to make use of Dropbox Steve Herrod : just install the Dropbox application on your PC, iPad and iPhone Steve Herrod : and then whenever you add something to Dropbox it will be accessible from all 3 devices Steve Herrod : That will work well for synchronising and updating files across each device Steve Herrod :

How to automatically upload to Dropbox?

Uploading to Dropbox

  • Head over to the Cyberduck home page and download the awesome (and free) app we’ll be using, Cyberduck. …
  • Once it’s installed, launch it from your Applications menu.
  • When Cyberduck opens, the “main” window will appear. …
  • Select Bookmark from the top menu and then New Bookmark from the drop-down list.

How to automatically backup Dropbox?

You can choose from the following options:

  • Two-way to keep both folders in sync
  • Upload only for adding device folders to the cloud
  • Upload then delete to erase the images from PC once they are uploaded
  • Upload mirror to make an exact copy of a device folder to the cloud
  • Download only to fetch the newly added images from the cloud to a device

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