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How to use iCloud Mail on iPad Safari?

On your iPad, Mac, and PC, you can use iCloud Mail on On an iPhone, use the Mail app instead. Make sure your browser is up to date. If you’re using Safari, update Safari to its latest version . Clear your browser’s cache. In Safari, choose Safari > Preferences.

How do I take my iCloud email account online?

On the left side of the main Mail window, find the name of your iCloud email account. If your account name is dimmed and has a lightning-bolt symbol next to it, your account is offline. To take your account online, connect to the Internet. Choose Mailbox. If Take All Accounts Online is dimmed, your accounts are already online.

Why can’t I send emails from my iCloud account?

The reason for the failure is: An error occurred while delivering this message via the smtp server: server name .” Open Mail and choose Mail > Preferences. Click the Accounts tab. Select your iCloud email account. Click the Account Information tab.

How do I sign in to iCloud with my Apple ID?

If you’re already signed in to your device with your Apple ID and your device has Touch ID or Face ID, you can use it to sign in to If you set up two-factor authentication or two-step verification, follow the onscreen instructions to verify your identity by entering a code sent to a trusted device.

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