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Does Kendo UI have a CSS reference?

The CSS files defining the different Kendo UI SASS themes are as follows: Kendo UI Default v.2 (kendo.default-v2.min.css) Kendo UI Bootstrap v.4 (kendo.bootstrap-v4.min.css) Kendo UI Material (kendo.material-v2.min.css) The following example shows how to define a Kendo UI project that uses the Kendo UI Default v.2 theme.

How do I get a value from Kendo UI template?

Kendo UI for Angular components support handling user input in the UI and display useful validation messages using both Reactive and Template-driven Angular forms. The validation rules refer to specific checks, managed client-side.

How to submit a support ticket for Kendo UI?

To download the commercial version of Kendo UI:

  • Go to and log in with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the Downloads section of your account.
  • Search for Progress® Kendo UI® for jQuery and download the package.

How to get IntelliSense working for Kendo UI?


  • Kendo UI MVC Wrappers Do Not Work Inside Client Templates. …
  • Widget Value Is Not Bound to Model Property. …
  • Widget Loading Icon Continues Spinning. …
  • Widgets Do Not Work with Remote Binding and Throw No Errors. …
  • Widgets Display Zero Values. …
  • Only One Widget Instance Works on Page. …
  • Loading Partial Views Containing Widgets Work Only the First Time. …

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