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How can Kenexa tests help you find the best talent?

Many businesses use Kenexa tests to help them find the best talent when they’re at the screening stage of recruiting, and many continue using the tests right up to the point of hire — so it’s best to get one step ahead and prepare.

What is the Kenexa Microsoft exam?

Most of the time, these tests assess your ability and familiarity with Microsoft’s two most popular programs – Word and Excel. Kenexa is an IBM company that helps companies by providing them with solutions for talent management, retention and recruitment.

Where can I find IBM Kenexa assessment tests?

IBM Kenexa has an extensive portfolio of assessment and psychometric tests, which can be tailored to the needs of a client organization and a specific job role. offers a tailor-made package of tests especially made to mimic IBM Kenexa tests.

How can I prepare for my Kenexa tests?

Prepare for your Kenexa tests with JobTestPrep. Studying for these Kenexa tests is essential to landing the job of your choice. Our practice packs are tailored to help you get your best score on whichever Kenexa assessment you have been asked to take. You will also receive important information about these tests as well as free sample questions.

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