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Why get genuine service from Kent?

Getting Genuine Service from KENT is important as only from KENT you can get Genuine Spares which will continue to ensure that you get 100% Pure Water. from anywhere in India.

How do I submit a form to the city of Kent?

Completed forms may be submitted by mail to City of Kent Customer Service, 220 4th Avenue S, Kent, WA 98032 or in person at 400 West Gowe St., Suite 122, Kent, WA 98032.

How can I protect my Kent State identity?

Learn about cyber security and how to protect your Kent State identity at This secure website uses encryption and authentication standards to protect the confidentiality of Web transactions.

How much does the city of Kent pay for sewage treatment?

Of that, Kent pays King County Metro (a wholesaler of sewage treatment) $49.27, with the remaining $26.31 going to the City for system maintenance and operations. Commercial and multi-dwelling customers pay a sewer rate based on their water consumption with a minimum base rate of $75.58 a month.

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