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What is Kent State acceptance rate?

The Transfer Acceptance rate is the percent of students who have earned the transfer credit they earned for their course. Georgia Technical University admissions is very selective with an acceptance rate of just 21% and an early acceptance rate of 27.6 %. Below is the list of Georgia Technical University acceptance rates over the years:

Can you afford Kent State University at Kent?

The Cost of Attendance breakdown for Kent State University differs depending on whether you’re in-state or out-of-state student – in-state students can expect lower costs for tuition and fees. Because Kent State University is an out-of-state public institution, you’d be paying $7960 more than if you were an in-state student.

Can I get into Kent State University?

Students must apply and be admitted via undergraduate admissions to receive a full transcript evaluation. Prospective applicants should apply to Kent State University as a post-undergraduate, degree-seeking student in the Nursing major. You will need to send official transcripts to Kent State Admissions.

How to apply to Kent State University?

  • Type in Kent State University on the top line
  • Enter your contact information and signature in the Student section
  • Check one or more indicators in the Economic Need part
  • If you check the last box, i.e., the other request, explain why you need an application fee waiver

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