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How to contact Kentucky unemployment office?

If you have Unemployment Insurance questions, you can call at 502/564-2900. To contact Office of Employment and Training, you can call 502.564.7456 or fax at 502.564.7459. To contact Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, you can call 1-800-648-6057. Be prepared for long wait times because many people try contacting the staff.

How do you contact unemployment?

  • Live Agent: If you need to reach a live claims agent to file a new claim or inquire about an existing claim, call 667-207-6520. …
  • IVR: You must continue to file your claim certification each week for which you are requesting benefit payments. …
  • Calling from the Baltimore area or out of state – 410-949-0022

How do you sign up for unemployment in KY?

or call (502) 564-0871, Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, EST. This will get you into the system to receive unemployment benefits. You might qualify for unemployment benefits if you lost your job through no fault of your own. You must register for work when you file your claim and actively seek a new job.

How to file Kentucky unemployment?

How to File a Claim for Unemployment Benefits in Kentucky. The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET) administers unemployment benefits. You may file your claim for unemployment benefits electronically or by phone. You can find contact information and online filing information at the Kentucky Career Center website.

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