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How do I sign up to Keppel electric?

Simply sign up at with your preferred plan, and retrieve your particulars via Myinfo or online form submission to complete your sign up. Upon the successful transfer, you will be able to view all the premises via Keppel Electric customer portal here.

Why choose Keppel electric as your choice electricity retailer?

Life’s Brighter with Keppel Electric, your #1 Choice Electricity Retailer. With 21 years of experience in powering the Singapore’s electricity grid, we are committed in delivering competitive electricity plans to you.

How do my U-Save rebates work with Keppel electric?

As Keppel Electric bills our consumers directly, your U-Save rebates will first be used to offset your SP Services bill for non-electricity charges (water, gas, refuse collection). Any remaining U-Save rebates will then be used to offset your electricity bills with Keppel Electric, and will be reflected in your bill.

What time does Keppel electric offer off peak rates?

Night owls, it’s time to rejoice! Gain attractive night savings with the off-peak rate from 11pm to 7am. Switching should be easy and hassle-free, that is why we like to keep things simple at Keppel Electric.

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