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What is Kerio webmail?

Kerio WebMailenables users to work with email in a way similar to a mail client usingthe IMAP protocol (all messages are stored in folders on the server and the client opensonly the selected message).

How do I create and edit folders in Kerio webmail?

In the left section ofKerio WebMail, a tree view of folders is displayed. Here you cancreate, rename or remove any folder. Each folder is created as a sub-folder of a selectedfolder. If you wish to create a folder on the top level, create it as a sub-folder of the rootfolder. The root folder is the primary folder on the highest level (see below).

How do I change the browser time zone in Kerio webmail?

IfKerio WebMailis opened in a browser with a different time zone, a dialog boxappears with an information that the browser time zone has changed and a questionwhether you want to change theKerio WebMailtime zone. Click OK to save thebrowser time zone inKerio WebMail. This is necessary for correct conversion of timezones inKerio WebMail.

How do I change the PIN code of the Kerio MailServer?

After a successful connection to the server, the user must enter his/her username anda PIN instead of a password. This code is assigned by theKerio MailServeradministratortogether with the permission to useWAPmail. The PIN code can be changed inKerioWebMailusing theSettingsmenu (for more information, refer to chapter7.2).

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