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What to do if your keyboard is not working on Mac?

Take it to an Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Connect a different keyboard to this Mac. If this solves the problem, you may need to take your keyboard in for service. Your Mac may be showing a low battery alert that you can’t see.

Why is my keyboard not working when I log in?

If your keyboard isn’t working when you are trying to log in, there are a few things you can do, but no perfect solution. You can use another USB keyboard, but in some cases your wireless keyboard will work as a wired keyboard too. You can also set up an Accessibility function in advance to avoid the problem.

How do I connect my keyboard to my MacBook Pro?

Just take the USB cable that came with it, or one that you use for charging your iPhone or iPad or something, take that, plug that into it and then plug the USB end to your Mac and it will actually use this as a wired connection to the keyboard. Now this may solve a lot of people’s problems.

Why can’t I Enter My Password on my Mac?

If you’re having a problem entering your password, press andOS. hold thepower buttn on your Mac to shut it down. Then press it agin to start up in the Recovery OS. The touchpad is unresponsive (no movement at all), the keyboard doesn’t work.

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