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http keycloak change login page com Account Portal Instructions Help Guide Verified link:

How to add a custom login page to Keycloak?

In the myTheme folder place your custom login page Go to the admin console of keycloak into Realm Settings > Themes > Login Theme and select myTheme.

How do I Manage my Keycloak account?

Keycloak users can manage their accounts through the Account Console. Users can manage their profiles, add two-factor authentication, include identity provider acounts, and manage device activity. The Account Console is completely themeable and internationalizable as is the case with all Keycloak user interfaces.

How does Keycloak logout work?

When logging out, Keycloak sends a request to the external identity provider that is used to log in initially and logs the user out of this identity provider. You can skip this behavior and avoid logging out of the external identity provider. See adapter logout documentation for more information.

How do I reset a user’s password using Keycloak?

You can achieve the same result using the update command on an endpoint constructed from the one you used to get a specific user, such as users/USER_ID/reset-password. The -n parameter ensures that Keycloak performs the PUT command without performing a GET command before the PUT command.

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