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When to make a lump sum mortgage payment?

Start by asking:

  • Why Am I Interested In A Lump-sum Payment?
  • What Are My Priorities?
  • How Much Can I Afford?
  • How Much Can I Put Towards A Lump-sum?
  • Where Will This Money Come From?

Should I accept a lump-sum settlement?

Deciding whether to accept a lump-sum settlement is a highly individualized matter. For some people, a settlement is in their best interests. Others are better off rejecting the offer and continuing to draw disability benefits. Contact DarrasLaw for a free initial consultation about a lump-sum settlement offer.

Will I receive a lump sum settlement?

You can opt for an annuity payment, although most personal injury cases provide a lump sum settlement. An annuity can help you earn interest, but with a lump sum, you will be able to pay all of your expenses at once, rather than waiting years and letting the payments linger.

What does a lump sum settlement refer to?

What does Lump Sum Settlement mean? Lump sum settlements may be offered by an insurance company to compensate workers for permanent injuries following a work-related accident. If a lump sum payment is accepted by the injured worker the insurance company may avoid paying on-going, monthly, cash settlements to the worker.

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