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What happens if you miss your child support payments?

Some common punishments that a court may issue for failing to pay child support include:

  • The court may order that a lien be placed against the parent’s property until the payments have been made. …
  • The missing payments may be reported to credit agencies as debt, which in turn, could affect that parent’s credit score.
  • The court may revoke or suspend the parent’s driving privileges and recreational licenses. …

What happens when child support payments are missed?

What Happens When an Arizona Child Support Payment is Late?

  • Arizona Enforcement Remedies. The Division of Child Support Services in Arizona ( DCSS) is the entity responsible for enforcement remedies and the collection of late child support payments.
  • Other Possible Repercussions. …
  • Disputing Enforcement Remedies. …

What is the penalty for not paying child support?

Neglecting to meet the required child support payments in a timely fashion is a serious legal issue and carries far-reaching consequences that can impede a parent’s job prospects and income. Fines. Fines are one of the main penalties for failing to pay child support. Failing to pay on time can carry a fine that rolls over continually.

What if my ex stops paying child support?

What Can I Do if My Ex Is Working Under the Table & Not Paying Child Support?

  1. File a motion to enforce the child support order. The court previously ordered your ex to pay child support. …
  2. Provide evidence your ex is working under the table. You may not have evidence that your ex is working under the table when you file your motion for enforcement. …
  3. Ensure that court penalties are paid by your spouse.

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